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Can AI powered digital assistants enable a smarter banking experience?

As per the recent “2018 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions” report, which surveyed over 100 leading global financial institutions asking for top 3 predictions for 2018, the highest ranking prediction (61%) was that the industry will remove friction from the customer journey. The next two most mentioned trends were the improved use of data and advanced read more...

Artificial Intelligence In Lending – Is It A Magic Bullet?

Banks and other financial service companies are built on security and trust. They keep your money safe and you trust them to give it back when you ask for it. If you don’t trust your bank, you will take your money out. But if “too many” people do that then there will be a run on the bank. No bank has enough “cash” to cover all they “owe” to their read more...

About Nucleus

At Nucleus Software we are committed to providing efficient, modern yet proven software solutions for the global Banking and Financial Service industry. We have been pioneers in developing Retail Banking Software, Corporate Banking Solutions, Transaction Banking, Cash Management and Internet Banking Software since 1986. Our success spreads across more than 50 countries, and we serve our customers globally through our direct and partner operations across US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. We are known for our world-class expertise and innovation in lending and transaction banking technology. Our two flagship products, built on the latest technology are: FinnOne™ and FinnAxia™.